Access to Information & Protection of Privacy Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 10:27">10:27<EL>

Acquisition of Farm Equipment & Material Act


Administration of Estates Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 6:01">6:01<EL>

Administrative Court Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 7:01">7:01<EL>

Administrative Justice Act

10<JL:Jump,"Chapter 7:01">:28<EL>

Advertisements Regulation Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 14:01">14:01<EL>

African Development Bank (Membership of Zimbabwe) Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 22:01">22:01<EL>

African Development Fund (Zimbabwe) Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 22:02">22:02<EL>

African Export-Import Bank (Membership of Zimbabwe & Branch Office Agreement) Act


Agricultural & Rural Development Authority Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 18:01">18:01<EL>

Agricultural Finance Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 18:02">18:02<EL>

Agricultural Corporations (Commercialisation) Act,1997

Title 24

Agricultural Industry (Employees Pension Scheme) Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 18:03">18:03<EL>

Agricultural Land Settlement Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 20:01">20:01<EL>

Agricultural Marketing Authority Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 18:04">18:24<EL>

Agricultural Research Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 18:05">18:05<EL>

Air Services Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 13:01">13:01<EL>

Air Zimbabwe Corporation (Repeal) Act, 1998

Title 24

Alienated Land (Information) Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 20:02">20:02<EL>

Amnesty (General Pardon) Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 9:03">9:03<EL>

Amnesty Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 9:02">9:02<EL>

Anatomical Donations & Post-mortem Examinations Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 15:01">15:01<EL>

Animal Health Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 19:01">19:01<EL>

Ante-nuptial Contracts Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 5:01">5:01<EL>

Anti Corruption Commission Act


Anti-Personnel Mines (Prohibition) Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 11:19">11:19<EL>

Arbitration Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 7:15">7:15<EL>

Arbitration (International Investment Disputes) Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 7:03">7:03<EL>

Architects Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 27:01">27:01<EL>

Armorial Bearings, Names, Uniforms and Badges Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 10:01">10:01<EL>

Art Unions Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 25:01">25:01<EL>

Asset Management Act


Attorney-General's Office Act- pending


Audit Office Act


<JD:"Alphabetical Index to Acts - B">

Balance of Payments Reporting Act

22:16<JL:Jump,"Chapter 24:20"><EL>

Bank Use Promotion & Suppression of Money Laundering Act

24:24<JL:Jump,"Chapter 24:20"><EL>

Banking Act


Base Minerals Export Control Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 21:01">21:01<EL>

Bees Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 19:02">19:02<EL>

Betting & Totalizator Control Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 10:02">10:02<EL>

Bills of Exchange Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 14:02">14:02<EL>

Bindura University of Science Education Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 25:22">25:22<EL>

Births & Deaths Registration Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 5:02">5:02<EL>

Bonus Prohibition Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 14:03">14:03<EL>

Boxing & Wrestling Control Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 25:02">25:02<EL>

Boy Scouts Association Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 25:03">25:03<EL>

Brands Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 19:03">19:03<EL>

Broadcasting Services Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 12:06">12:06<EL>

Building Societies Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 24:02">24:02<EL>

Burial & Cremation Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 5:03">5:03<EL>

<JD:"Alphabetical Index to Acts - C">

Capital Gains Tax Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 23:01">23:01<EL>

Carriage by Air Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 13:04">13:04<EL>

Cemeteries Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 5:04">5:04<EL>

Censorship & Entertainments Control Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 10:04">10:04<EL>

Census and Statistics Act


Central Mechanical Equipment Department (Commercialisation) Act

Title 24

Chamber of Mines of Zimbabwe Incorporation (Private) Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 21:02">21:02<EL>

Chartered Accountants Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 27:02">27:02<EL>

Chartered Secretaries (Private) Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 27:03">27:03<EL>

Chemical Weapons (Prohibition) Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 11:18">11:18<EL>

Child Abduction Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 5:05">5:05<EL>

Children's Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 5:06">5:06<EL>

Chinhoyi University of Technology Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 25:23">25:23<EL>

Citizenship of Zimbabwe Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 4:01">4:01<EL>

City of Bulawayo (Private) Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 29:02">29:02<EL>

City of Gweru (Private) Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 29:03">29:03<EL>

City of Harare (Private) Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 29:04">29:04<EL>

City of Mutare (Private) Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 29:05">29:05<EL>

Civil Aviation Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 13:16">13:16<EL>

Civil Evidence Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 8:01">8:01<EL>

Civil Matters (Mutual Assistance) Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 8:02">8:02<EL>

Civil Protection Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 10:06">10:06<EL>

Class Actions Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 8:17">8:17<EL>

Co-operative Societies Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 24:05">24:05<EL>

Collective Investment Schemes Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 24:19">24:19<EL>

Commercial Premises (Lease Control) Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 14:04">14:04<EL>

Commissions of Inquiry Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 10:07">10:07<EL>

Commonwealth Forces (Jurisdiction) Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 11:01">11:01<EL>

Communal Land Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 20:04">20:04<EL>

Communal Land Forest Produce Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 19:04">19:04<EL>

Companies Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 24:03">24:03<EL>

Companies & Associations Trustees Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 24:04">24:04<EL>

Competition Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 14:28">14:28<EL>

Constitution of Zimbabwe


Consumer Contracts Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 8:03">8:03<EL>

Contractual Penalties Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 8:04">8:04<EL>

Control of Goods Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 14:05">14:05<EL>

Copper Control Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 14:06">14:06<EL>

Copyright & Neighbouring Rights Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 26:01">26:05<EL>

Courts & Adjudicating Authorities (Publicity Restriction) Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 7:04">7:04<EL>

Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act


Criminal Matters (Mutual Assistance) Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 9:06">9:06<EL>

Criminal Procedure & Evidence Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 9:07">9:07<EL>

Customary Law & Local Courts Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 7:05">7:05<EL>

Customary Marriages Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 5:07">5:07<EL>

Customs & Excise Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 23:02">23:02<EL>

<JD:"Alphabetical Index to Acts - D">

Dairy Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 18:08">18:08<EL>

Dairy Marketing Board (Debt Assumption ) Act,1997

Title 24

Damages (Apportionment and Assessment) Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 8:06”>8:06<EL>

Dangerous Drugs Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 15:02”>15:02<EL>

Deceased Estates Succession Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 6:02”>6:02<EL>

Deceased Persons Family Maintenance Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 6:03”>6:03<EL>

Decimal Currency Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 22:04”>22:04<EL>

Deeds Registries Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 20:05”>20:05<EL>

Defence Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 11:02”>11:02<EL>

Defence Procurement Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 11:03”>11:03<EL>

Department of Printing & Stationery (Commercialisation) Act, 1999

Title 24<EL>

Deposit Protection Corporation Act


Disabled Persons Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 17:01”>17:01<EL>

District Development Fund Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 29:06”>29:06<EL>

Domestic Violence Act


<JD:”Alphabetical Index to Acts – E”>

Education Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 25:04”>25:04<EL>

Electoral Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 2:01”>2:13<EL>

Electricity Act


Emergency Powers Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 11:04”>11:04<EL>

Energy Regulatory Authority Act


Engineering Council Act


Environmental Management Act


Estate Administrators Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 27:20”>27:20<EL>

Estate Agents Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 27:05”>27:17<EL>

Estate Duty Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 23:03”>23:03<EL>

Ex-Political Prisoners, Detainees & Restrictees Act


Exchange Control Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 22:05”>22:05<EL>

Explosives Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 10:08”>10:08<EL>

Export Credit Reinsurance Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 24:06”>24:06<EL>

Extradition Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 9:08”>9:08<EL>

<JD:”Alphabetical Index to Acts – F”>

Factories & Works Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 14:08”>14:08<EL>

Farmers Licensing & Levy Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 18:10”>18:10<EL>

Farmers Stop-order Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 18:11”>18:11<EL>

Fencing Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 20:06”>20:06<EL>

Fertilizers, Farm Feeds & Remedies Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 18:12”>18:12<EL>

Finance Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 23:04”>23:04<EL>

Fingo Location (Distribution of Land) Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 20:07”>20:07<EL>

Firearms Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 10:09”>10:09<EL>

Fiscal Appeal Court Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 23:05”>23:05<EL>

Flag of Zimbabwe Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 10:10”>10:10<EL>

Food and Food Standards Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 15:04”>15:04<EL>

Foreign Missions & Agencies (Premises) Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 3:01”>3:01<EL>

Foreign Representatives Parking Privileges Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 3:02”>3:02<EL>

Forest Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 19:05”>19:05<EL>

Former Administration (Liabilities) Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 22:06”>22:06<EL>

Frederick Clayton Trust Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 17:02”>17:02<EL>

Fruit Marketing Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 18:13”>18:13<EL>

<JD:”Alphabetical Index to Acts – G”>

Gazetted Land (Consequential Provisions) Act


General Law Amendment Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 8:07”>8:07<EL>

Geneva Conventions Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 11:06”>11:06<EL>

Genocide Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 9:20”>9:20<EL>

Geographical Indications Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 26:06”>26:06<EL>

Gold Trade Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 21:03”>21:03<EL>

Government Medical Stores (Commercialisation) Act, 2000

Title 24

Grain Marketing Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 18:14”>18:14<EL>

Great Zimbabwe University Act


Guardianship of Minors Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 5:08”>5:08<EL>

<JD:”Alphabetical Index to Acts – H”>

Harare City Building (Private) Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 29:07”>29:07<EL>

Harare City Library Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 25:05”>25:05<EL>

Harare Institute of Technology Act


Harmful Liquids Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 9:10”>9:10<EL>

Health Professions Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 27:19”>27:19<EL>

Health Service Act


High Court Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 7:06”>7:06<EL>

Hire-Purchase Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 14:09”>14:09<EL>

Honours &  Awards Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 10:11”>10:11<EL>

Housing & Building Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 22:07”>22:07<EL>

Housing Standards Control Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 29:08”>29:08<EL>

<JD:”Alphabetical Index to Acts – I”>

Immigration Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 4:02”>4:02<EL>

Income Tax (Transitional Period Provisions) Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 23:07”>23:07<EL>

Income Tax Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 23:06”>23:06<EL>

Indigenisation & Economic Empowerment Act


Industrial Designs Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 26:02”>26:02<EL>

Industrial Development Corporation Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 14:10”>14:10<EL>

Inebriates Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 9:11”>9:11<EL>

Infrastructure Development Bank of Zimbabwe Act


Inland Waters Shipping Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 13:06”>13:06<EL>

Inner Bank Titles Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 20:09”>20:09<EL>

Inquests Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 7:07”>7:07<EL>

Insolvency Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 6:04”>6:04<EL>

Insurance Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 24:07”>24:07<EL>

Insurance & Pensions Commission Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 24:21”>24:21<EL>

Integrated Circuit Layout-Designs Act


Intellectual Property Tribunal Act


Interception of Communications Act


International Bank Loans Assumption Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 22:08”>22:08<EL>

International Financial Organizations Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 22:09”>22:09<EL>

Interpretation Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 1:01”>1:01<EL>

Iron & Steel Industry Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 14:11”>14:11<EL>

<JD:”Alphabetical Index to Acts – J”>

Judges Salaries, Allowances & Pensions Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 7:08”>7:08<EL>

Judicial College Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 7:17”>7:17<EL>

Judicial Service Act


Justices of the Peace & Commissioners of Oaths Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 7:09”>7:09<EL>

<JD:”Alphabetical Index to Acts – L”>

Labour Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 28:01”>28:01<EL>

Land Acquisition Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 20:10”>20:10<EL>

Land Occupation Conditions Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 20:11”>20:11<EL>

Land Survey Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 20:12”>20:12<EL>

Land Surveyors Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 27:06”>27:06<EL>

Law Development Commission Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 1:02”>1:02<EL>

Legal Aid Act


Legal Practitioners Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 27:07”>27:07<EL>

Limitation of Liability (Passengers in State Aircraft) Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 8:08”>8:08<EL>

Liquor Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 14:12”>14:12<EL>

Local Authorities Employees (Pension Schemes) Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 29:09”>29:09<EL>

Locust Control Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 19:06”>19:06<EL>

Lotteries & Gaming Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 10:26”>10:26<EL>

Lupane State University Act


<JD:”Alphabetical Index to Acts – M”>

Magistrates Court Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 7:10”>7:10<EL>

Maintenance Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 5:09”>5:09<EL>

Maintenance Orders (Facilities for Enforcement) Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 5:10”>5:10<EL>

Manpower Planning & Development Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 28:02”>28:02<EL>

Marriage Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 5:11”>5:11<EL>

Married Persons Property Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 5:12”>5:12<EL>

Masonic Education Fund Incorporation Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 17:03”>17:03<EL>

Matrimonial Causes Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 5:13”>5:13<EL>

Medical Services Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 15:13”>15:13<EL>

Medicines & Allied Substances Control Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 15:03”>15:03<EL>

Mental Health Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 15:12”>15:12<EL>

Merchandise Marks Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 14:13”>14:13<EL>

Meteorological Services Act


Midlands State University Act


Minerals Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 21:04”>21:04<EL>

Mines and Minerals Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 21:05”>21:05<EL>

Missing Persons Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 5:14”>5:14<EL>

Moneylending & Rates of Interest Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 14:14”>14:14<EL>

Mozambique-Feruka Pipeline Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 13:07”>13:07<EL>

Municipal Traffic Laws Enforcement Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 29:10”>29:10<EL>

<JD:”Alphabetical Index to Acts – N”>

Names (Alteration) Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 10:14”>10:14<EL>

National Aids Council of Zimbabwe Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 15:14”>15:14<EL>

National Anthem of Zimbabwe Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 10:15”>10:15<EL>

National Archives of Zimbabwe Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 25:06”>25:06<EL>

National Arts Council of Zimbabwe Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 25:07”>25:07<EL>

National Biotechnology Authority Act


National Gallery of Zimbabwe Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 25:09”>25:09<EL>

National Incomes & Pricing Commission Act


National Heroes Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 10:16”>10:16<EL>

National Library & Documentation Service Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 25:10”>25:10<EL>

National Museums & Monuments Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 25:11”>25:11<EL>

National Payment Systems Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 24:23”>24:23<EL>

National Registration Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 10:17”>10:17<EL>

National Service Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 11:08”>11:08<EL>

National Social Security Authority Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 17:04”>17:04<EL>

National Trust Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 25:12”>25:12<EL>

National University of Science and Technology Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 25:13”>25:13<EL>

Netherlands Bank of Rhodesia Limited (Private) Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 24:08”>24:08<EL>

<JD:”Alphabetical Index to Acts – O”>

Official Secrets Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 11:09”>11:09<EL>

Ombudsman - see Public Protector Act


One Stop Border Posts Control Act


<JD:”Alphabetical Index to Acts – P”>

Parks & Wild Life Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 20:14”>20:14<EL>

Parliamentary Pensions Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 2:02”>2:02<EL>

Parliamentary Salaries, Allowances and Benefits Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 2:03”>2:03<EL>

Patents Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 26:03”>26:03<EL>

Pawnbrokers Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 14:15”>14:15<EL>

Pension and Provident Funds Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 24:09”>24:09<EL>

Pensions (Increases and Adjustments) Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 16:02”>16:02<EL>

Pensions & Other Benefits Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 16:01”>16:01<EL>

Pensions Review Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 16:03”>16:03<EL>

Peoples Own Savings Bank Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 24:22”>24:22<EL>

Petroleum Act


Pig Industry Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 18:15”>18:15<EL>

Pipelines Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 13:08”>13:08<EL>

Plant Breeders Rights Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 18:16”>18:16<EL>

Plant Pests & Diseases

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 19:08”>19:08<EL>

Pneumonoconiosis Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 15:08”>15:08<EL>

Police Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 11:10”>11:10<EL>

Political Parties (Finance) Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 2:11”>2:11<EL>

Pools Control Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 10:19”>10:19<EL>

Postal & Telecommunications Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 12:05”>12:05<EL>

Powers of Attorney Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 8:09”>8:09<EL>

Precious Stones Trade Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 21:06”>21:06<EL>

Prescribed Rate of Interest Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 8:10”>8:10<EL>

Prescription Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 8:11”>8:11<EL>

Presidential Pension & Retirement Benefits Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 2:05”>2:05<EL>

Presidential Powers (Temporary Measures) Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 10:20”>10:20<EL>

Presidential Salary & Allowances Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 2:06”>2:06<EL>

Prevention of Corruption Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 9:16”>9:16<EL>

Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 19:09”>19:09<EL>

Prevention of Discrimination Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 8:16”>8:16<EL>

Printed Publications Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 25:14”>25:14<EL>

Prisons Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 7:11”>7:11<EL>

Private Bill Procedure Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 2:07”>2:07<EL>

Private Business Corporations Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 24:11”>24:11<EL>

Private Investigators & Security Guards (Control) Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 27:10”>27:10<EL>

Private Voluntary Organizations Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 17:05”>17:05<EL>

Privileges and Immunities Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 3:03”>3:03<EL>

Privileges, Immunities & Powers of Parliament Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 2:08”>2:08<EL>

Procurement Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 22:14”>22:14<EL>

Produce Export Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 18:17”>18:17<EL>

Protected Places & Areas Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 11:12”>11:12<EL>

Protection of Wild Life (Indemnity) Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 20:15”>20:15<EL>

Provincial Councils & Administration Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 29:11”>29:11<EL>

Public Accountants & Auditors Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 27:12”>27:12<EL>

Public Bodies Private Bill Procedure Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 2:09”>2:09<EL>

Public Finance Management Act


Public Health Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 15:09”>15:09<EL>

Public Holidays & Prohibition of Business Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 10:21”>10:21<EL>

Public Order & Security Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 11:17”>11:17<EL>

Public Protector Act


Public Service Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 16:04”>16:04<EL>

<JD:”Alphabetical Index to Acts – Q”>

Quantity Surveyors Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 27:13”>27:13<EL>

Quelea Control Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 19:10”>19:10<EL>

<JD:”Alphabetical Index to Acts – R”>

Radiation Protection Act

15:15<JL:Jump,”Chapter 13:09”><EL>

Railways Act


Reconstruction of State-Indebted Insolvent Companies Act


Referendums Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 2:10”>2:10<EL>

Refugees Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 4:03”>4:03<EL>

Regional, Town & Country Planning Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 29:12”>29:12<EL>

Registration of Pedigree Farm Livestock Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 19:11”>19:11<EL>

Research Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 10:22”>10:22<EL>

Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 22:15”>22:15<EL>

Reserved Parking Areas Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 10:23”>10:23<EL>

Revenue Authority Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 23:11”>23:11<EL>

Rhodes Estates Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 20:17”>20:17<EL>

Rhodesia & Malawi Common Services Guarantee Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 22:11”>22:11<EL>

Road Motor Transportation Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 13:15”>13:15<EL>

Road Traffic Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 13:11”>13:11<EL>

Roads Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 13:18”>13:18<EL>

Roasting Plant Corporation Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 21:07”>21:07<EL>

Rural District Councils Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 29:13”>29:13<EL>

Rural Electrification Fund Act


Rural Land Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 20:18”>20:18<EL>

<JD:”Alphabetical Index to Acts – S”>

Savings Certificates Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 22:12”>22:12<EL>

Scientific Experiments on Animals Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 19:12”>19:12<EL>

Second-hand Goods Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 14:16”>14:16<EL>

Securities Act


Seeds Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 19:13”>19:13<EL>

Sericulture Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 18:18”>18:18<EL>

Serious Offences (Confiscation of Profits) Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 9:17”>9:17<EL>

Service of Documents (Telegraph) Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 8:13”>8:13<EL>

Settled Estates Leasing Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 20:19”>20:19<EL>

Shop Licences Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 14:17”>14:17<EL>

Signatures & Powers Delegation Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 10:24”>10:24<EL>

Small and Medium Enterprises Act- pending


Small Claims Courts Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 7:12”>7:12<EL>

Small Enterprises Development Corporation Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 24:12”>24:12<EL>

Social Welfare Assistance Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 17:06”>17:06<EL>

Social Workers Act


South African National Life Assurance Company (Private) Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 24:13”>24:13<EL>

Sports and Recreation Commission Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 25:15”>25:15<EL>

Stamp Duties Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 23:09”>23:09<EL>

Standardization of Soap Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 14:18”>14:18<EL>

Standards Development Fund Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 14:19”>14:19<EL>

State Liabilities Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 8:14”>8:14<EL>

State Service (Disability Benefits) Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 16:05”>16:05<EL>

State Service (Pensions) Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 16:06”>16:06<EL>

Statute Law Compilation& Revision Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 1:03”>1:03<EL>

Stock Theft Prevention Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 9:18”>9:18<EL>

Stock Trespass Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 19:14”>19:14<EL>

Sugar Production Control Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 18:19”>18:19<EL>

Suppression of Foreign & International Terrorism Act


Supreme Court Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 7:13”>7:13<EL>

<JD:”Alphabetical Index to Acts – T”>

Tacit Hypothec Amendment Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 6:05”>6:05<EL>

Tax Reserve Certificates Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 23:10”>23:10<EL>

Termination of Pregnancy Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 15:10”>15:10<EL>

Titles Registration &  Derelict Lands Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 20:20”>20:20<EL>

Tobacco Industry & Marketing Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 18:20”>18:20<EL>

Tobacco Research Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 18:21”>18:21<EL>

Toll Roads Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 13:13”>13:13<EL>

Tourism Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 14:20”>14:20<EL>

Trade Coupons Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 14:21”>14:21<EL>

Trade Development Surcharge Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 14:22”>14:22<EL>

Trade Marks Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 26:04”>26:04<EL>

Trade Measures Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 14:23”>14:23<EL>

Traditional Beer Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 14:24”>14:24<EL>

Traditional Leaders Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 29:17”>29:17<EL>

Traditional Medical Practitioners Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 27:14”>27:14<EL>

Traffic Safety Council Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 13:17”>13:17<EL>

Transfer of Offenders Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 7:14”>7:14<EL>

Trapping of Animals (Control) Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 20:21”>20:21<EL>

Troubled Financial Institutions Act


<JD:”Alphabetical Index to Acts – U”>

University of Zimbabwe Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 25:16”>25:16<EL>

Unlawful Organizations Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 11:13”>11:13<EL>

Urban Areas (Omnibus Services) Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 29:14”>29:14<EL>

Urban Councils Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 29:15”>29:15<EL>

Urban Development Corporation (Repeal) Act, 1996

Title 24

<JD:”Alphabetical Index to Acts – V”>

Vagrancy Act

<JL:Jump,”Chapter 10:25”>10:25<EL>

Value Added Tax Act


Valuers Act


Variation of Racial Trusts Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 8:15">8:15<EL>

Vehicle Registration & Licensing Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 13:14">13:14<EL>

Veterinary Surgeons Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 27:15">27:15<EL>

<JD:"Alphabetical Index to Acts - W">

War Marriages Validation Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 5:15">5:15<EL>

War Pensions Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 11:14">11:14<EL>

War Veterans Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 11:15">11:15<EL>

War Victims Compensation Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 11:16">11:16<EL>

Warehouse Receipt Act


Water Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 20:24">20:24<EL>

White Phosphorus Matches Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 14:25">14:25<EL>

Wills Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 6:06">6:06<EL>

<JD:"Alphabetical Index to Acts - Z">

Zambezi River Authority Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 20:23">20:23<EL>

Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation Act


Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (Commercialisation) Act

Title 12

Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (Debt Assumption) Act

Title 12

Zimbabwe Council for Higher Education Act


Zimbabwe Electoral Commission Act


Zimbabwe Institute of Public Administration & Management Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 25:17">25:17<EL>

Zimbabwe Institutions of Engineers (Private) Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 27:16">27:16<EL>

Zimbabwe International Trade Fair Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 14:26">14:26<EL>

Zimbabwe Investment Authority Act


Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 21:08">21:08<EL>

Zimbabwe National Family Planning Council Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 15:11">15:11<EL>

Zimbabwe National Security Council Act


Zimbabwe National Water Authority Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 20:25">20:25<EL>

Zimbabwe Open University Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 25:20">25:20<EL>

Zimbabwe Red Cross Society Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 17:08">17:08<EL>

Zimbabwe School Examinations Council Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 25:18">25:18<EL>

Zimbabwe State Trading Corporation (Repeal) Act, 1998

Title 24

Zimbabwe Stock Exchange Act – repealed on Ist June 2008 by the Securities Actwhich saved in force certain Parts.

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 24:18">24:18<EL>

Zimbabwe United Passenger Company (Debt Assumption) Act, 2005.

Title 24

Zimbabwe Youth Council Act

<JL:Jump,"Chapter 25:19">25:19<EL>